¿Por qué nadie protesta contra la actuación de la coalición dirigida por Arabia Saudí en Yemen

The American Conservative escribe sobre el bombardeo de varios hospitales y el uso de bombas de racimo por parte de la coalición:

This is the fourth MSF-supported hospital that the coalition has bombed in the last year, and it just one of the many medical facilities that coalition planes have attacked. Medical facilities are obviously protected under international law, and the Saudis and their allies have been disregarding these protections routinely. When they are forced to account for their repeated bombings of hospitals and other civilian targets, the coalition response has always been to blame the victims of the attacks, but more often they simply deny all responsibility for the results of their bombing campaign.

The campaign has other longer-lasting, more insidious consequences as well. The use of cluster munitions by the coalition is doubly dangerous to the civilian population. They are inherently indiscriminate weapons that are more likely to kill noncombatants, and they also leave behind unexploded bombs that maim and kill unwitting civilians, often children, who don’t recognize them as a threat.

¿Qué hace la ONU sin condenar esto? No veo a la izquierda internacional ni patria protestando por la calle ni boicoteando a Arabia Saudí.