Clérigo afgano defiende su “matrimonio” con niña de 6 años

The Independent:

An Afghan cleric has defended his marriage to a six-year-old girl, saying she was a “religious offering” to him.

Mohammad Karim, who is believed to be in his sixties, was arrested after marrying the girl. He has told officials that he had been given the girl as a “religious offering” by her parents, Agence France-Presse reports.

However, her parents reportedly claim she was abducted without their consent from the Herat province.

“Je suis #JacquesHamel” – WEbExclusives:

The target of this revenge was the root of the West, the West’s living source, even when it is unremembered—namely Christianity, in the time and the place where, tacitly but invincibly, it becomes most explicitly and intensely real: the celebration of the Mass.

The question that therefore arises is how far the French (and others) will identify with the victims—an old priest, savagely slain, and a handful of believers and sisters. Will many proclaim “Je suis Jacques Hamel,” just as all (or nearly) insisted “Je suis Charlie”? Or will most think it sufficient to point out that it is not good to murder anyone, and perhaps go on from there to defend freedom of conscience and even of worship? Something may already have shifted. What went viral on social media after the truck-killings in the Promenade des Anglais was not some defensive slogan, but “Pray for Nice.” The problem is not political or cultural, but spiritual.

Christians can only be shocked and disgusted, like everyone else who deserves to be called a civilized human being. But if they should be more shaken than anyone else, it is not because they are now entitled to think that their Eucharistic assemblies are in the crosshairs, that they are vulnerable to homicidal impulses stimulated by a delirious propaganda. It is because they find themselves confronted, in a way no one can desire or foresee, with the mystery of evil in its most naked brutality, namely the unbearable enigma that love is not loved, as revealed by the cross on which the Lord Son of God accepted to be nailed.

Algunos ni siquiera tuvieron a bien señalar que “no estaba bien matar”, si no que se alegraron de que lo hubieran matado. Para muestra, un botón:

miserable se alegra asesinato del padre jacques hamel

Espero que nunca le toque a este “individuo” estar en manos de héroes como esos…

O este otro…

(Se dice degüellen pero no le vamos a pedir mucho más).

El cura es igual que los terroristas. Sin siquiera tener una idea de lo que este cura en concreto hacía en su parroquia. Sin que haya sido acusado de nada formalmente.

Este imbécil iletrado no se da cuenta de que esos mismos terroristas le ven a él exactamente igual que al religioso: como un infiel que debe someterse, convertirse o si no merece la misma muerte que el cura…