Sólo uno de cada cuatro extranjeros condenados en GB están monitorizados

The Telegrph:

Thousands of foreign criminals due to be deported are on the loose in Britain after Theresa May admitted that the Home Office had failed to tag them or send them home.

Mrs May, in a letter sent last month when she was Home Secretary, admitted that fewer than one in 10 foreign prisoners who have been released into the community were monitored.

The news sparked concern from MPs who said that the fact so many had been released and had not been monitored was “lamentable” and created a “clear risk of absconding”.

In a letter to MPs, Mrs May admitted that just 493 out of 5,789 “foreign national offenders” who have been freed prison into the community are monitored using “radio-frequency tags”.

Es cierto que la monitorización precisa de autorización judicial pero, viendo lo que está ocurriendo, ¿no se deberían revisar las sentencias de aquellos “ofensores extranjeros” a los que no se monitoriza?



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